Our Products! 

High Quality Products for Your Home 


  • 1Moulded floor, walls and ceiling
  • High gloss
  • Intergral shower and/or bath
  • Internally completed to client’s satisfaction
  • Taps plumbed into copper hot and cold water pipes for one only H& C connection
  • Externally framed with timber
  • Bedded onto a structural sub- floor base for fixing into conventional buildings


The modules utilise best floor usage and remove any leakage. No mildew will form on the gloss surface making it easy to clean and maintain. Once you have specifid your PUB bathroom then all that is left is electrical and plumbing. These are easily taken care of by the handyman or handywoman who can complete the exterior lining and use the bathroom at the same time. 

    Making Ensuite Modules Easier for you

    All of our PUB ensuite modules can be dismantled making them nice and easy to carry into existing buildings through standard doorways. Modules can even be adapted for the DISABLED. Minimum disturbance is caused to existing structures.

    Australian Designed and Manufactured

    When so many products are made offshore these days, PUB Bathrooms are unique in that all our bathrooms are designed and manufactured in Australia and are used in wide range of applications:
      • Bathrooms and ensuites in homes
      • Granny flats
      • Studio units
      • Hotels and resorts
      • Colleges
      • Office workplace facilities

      Our Range- Currently 14 Different Room Modules 

      • Wide variation to plan layout including location and door size.
      • Special designs offered for quantity orders.
      • Choice of accessories, windows, skylights, fans and light fittings etc. 
      • A good range of Shower and Bath Cubicles is also available. 

      Service Offered 

      • Site inspection
      • Planning, Council approvals
      • Full or part installation
      • Liaison with architects and builders

      Other Products 

      We offer various special designs for quantity orders. 
      Fancy our products? Simply make contact and we will take care of the rest for you!
                                 Phone: (02) 9750 0971 or (04) 2750 0704  
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